Microformats Helper

Microformats Helper is a plugin for generating content-rich tags in HTML files, following Microformats standards. For more information about Microformats, check its website (microformats.org).

Currently only hCard and hReview microformats are available.


All fields are optional but the name, you are required to provide at least one of the names below.


  • fn - Formal Name: should be used when no other name is provided

  • given - Given Name

  • family - Family Name

  • additional - Additional Name: goes between given and family names

  • prefix - Honorific Prefix: for titles like Dr. or Sir

  • suffix - Honorific Suffix: for titles like M.D. or Jr

  • org - Organization name


  • street - Street Address

  • locality - The city or similar

  • region - The state, county or similar

  • postal_code - ZIP number

  • country - The country


  • tel - Provide a hash with the phone types and numbers

  • url - Add a link to a site in the name

  • email - Add a link to a mailto: address


In your views:

<%= hcard :fn => "Ricardo Yasuda" %>

The output is:

<span class="vcard">
  <span class="fn n">Ricardo Yasuda</span>

A more complicated example:

<%= hcard :given => "Ricardo", :family => "Yasuda", :url => "http://blog.shadowmaru.org", :country => "Brazil" %>

The output is:

<span class="vcard">
  <a href="http:blog.shadowmaru.org" class="fn n url">
    <span class="given-name">Ricardo</span> <span class="family-name">Yasuda</span>
  <span class="adr">
    <span class="country-name">Brazil</span>

An example with telephone numbers:

<%= hcard(:fn => "John Doe", :tel => { "fax" => "544-5544", "home" => "555-5555" }) %>

The output is:

<span class="vcard">
  <span class="fn n">John Doe</span>
  <span class="tel">
    <span class="tel-label-fax type">Fax: </span><span class="value">544-5544</span>
    <span class="tel-label-home type">Home: </span><span class="value">555-5555</span>


Many thanks to Carsten Zimmermann [carpodaster] (hReview and Rails 3 support) and arnaud sellenet [demental] (gem creation). Contributions are always welcome.