MicroEvent.rb [version] [travis]

MicroEvent.rb is a event emitter library which provides the observer pattern to Ruby objects. It is inspired by MicroEvent.js, implemented in less than 20 lines of Ruby.


Add to your Gemfile

gem 'microevent'

or copy the source file into your project.

How to Use It

Suppose you got a class Klass, and you wish it to support the observer partern, do

class Klass
  include MicroEvent

That's it. Now all instances of this class can #bind, #unbind and trigger:

fn = proc{ puts "Go" }
object = Klass.new
object.bind :slot, &fn
object.trigger :slot # => Go

You could also use it on class/singleton level:

class Klass
  extend MicroEvent

Klass.bind :slot do
  puts "Go"

Klass.trigger :slot # => Go

You will find more examples in the tests.

Projects Using MicroEvent.rb

MIT License

Ruby version by Jan Lelis. Inspired by MicroEvent.js by Jerome Etienne.