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MetricFu is awesome! Metrical strives to make it a little bit easier to get working.


Metrical doesn't intrude on your project

Metrical makes it easy to run MetricFu without making it a project dependency. Bundler requires that everything you need go inside the Gemfile. MetricFu is rather big project with a ton of dependencies. Including that inside your Gemfile just clutters it up.

Also, MetricFu wants to be installed inside your Rakefile. With Metrical, you can configure MetricFu in a separate file, .metrics in the root of your project.

Cleverer defaults

Normally, RCov would work on a black-listing basis. This means that your coverage reports would occasionally be flooded with code outside your project. No longer, because the default is now to exclude everything and only include your lib and app directories. It also fixes some issues with loading RSpec.



gem install metrical



To get help:

metrical --help


You can configure MetricFu in a .metrics file in the root of your project. do |config|
  config.metrics -= [ :rcov ]

For more information on configuring your metrics, please visit the MetricFu homepage.

And that's all there is too it. If you have any suggestions, ideas or bug fixes, please drop me a line, or make a github issue.

Known issues

RCov and Ruby 1.9

RCov doesn't work with Ruby 1.9. You should use something like SimpleCov. Unfortunately, it hasn't been included into MetricFu yet. Until then, Metrical automatically disables RCov under Ruby 1.9.

New syntax in Ruby 1.9

Most metrics can't cope with the new syntax in Ruby 1.9. There is nothing I can do about that, or the creator of these metrics, because the root lie in the code parser they use. Either don't use the new syntax or exclude these metrics in your .metrics file.

Roodi vs. Psych

If you're running Ruby 1.9 with Psych as your default YAML parser (possible in 1.9.2, and the default in 1.9.3), you might get an error message. I have no clue what to do about it. Some help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Gem dependency issues

Metrical depends on a lot of other gems. Not all gem authors adhere to guidelines such as SemVer. This means that sometimes, when a new version of a gem is released, things break. I try to fix the issues I come across inside Metrical, by making a dependency of a dependency a fixed dependency of Metrical. It's difficult to do this right.

If you get a message like can't activate X, already activated Y, or something similar, you can open an issue. Please include the entire error message and the output of gem list and the version of Ruby you are using.


Install dependencies:

gem install bundler && bundle install

Run the specs:



Version 0.1.0:

  • Finally added tests and added metrical to Travis
  • Add option --no-open to stop it from opening in the browser
  • Automatically turn off RCov in Ruby 1.9.x
  • Depend on RCov 0.9, so installation will work under Ruby 1.9
  • Remove other dependencies, it looks like MetricFu has that covered now.
  • Automatically turn off Saikuro on Ruby 1.9.x
  • Add switches for every metric (run metrical --help to see them all)

Copyright 2010-2011, Iain Hecker - Released under the MIT License.