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metasploit-yard holds the YARD rake task, in lib/tasks/yard.rake used across all metasploit-* projects. The rake task is defined here to prevent code duplication and task redefinitions in a gem's dependencies leading to duplicate task actions, which led to yard docs being generated up to 6 times in some projects.


Metasploit::Yard is versioned using semantic versioning 2.0. Each branch should set Metasploit::Yard::Version::PRERELEASE to the branch name, while master should have no PRERELEASE and the PRERELEASE section of Metasploit::Yard::VERSION does not exist.


Metasploit::Yard is documented using YARD. In fact, it uses the same rake task as it exports for other gems to use.


rake yard


open doc/frames.html


Project with only a Gemfile

Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'metasploit-yard', group: :development

And then execute:

$ bundle

Project with a gemspec

Add this line to your gem's gemspec:

spec.add_development_dependency 'metasploit-yard'

And then execute:

$ bundle


Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install metasploit-yard


In a Rails::Application

metasploit-yard has a Rails::Railtie, Metasploit::Yard::Railtie that will automatically be loaded if Rails is defined when metasploit/yard is required. Metasploit::Yard::Railtie will automatically load yard.rake for your Rails project.

In a Rails::Engine or non-Rails gem

Add the following to your Rakefile to load yard.rake from metasploit-yard

# Use find_all_by_name instead of find_by_name as find_all_by_name will return pre-release versions
gem_specification = Gem::Specification.find_all_by_name('metasploit-yard').first

Dir[File.join(gem_specification.gem_dir, 'lib', 'tasks', '**', '*.rake')].each do |rake|
  load rake


$ rake yard

CI Integration

rake yard will automatically call rake yard:stats. rake yard:stats will exit with status 0 only if there are no undocumented objects. If there are undocumented objects, then rake yard:stats will exist with status 1. If you want to lower the threshold of undocumented objects that are allowed from 100.0 percentage, set the value in config/yard-stats-threshold as a float.

By adding rake yard:stats to the tasks run by your CI server, you can have your build fail if documentation slips below the threshold.




Metasploit::Yard is tested using RSpec


Remove your Gemfile.lock so you test with the latest compatible dependencies as will be done on travis-ci

rm Gemfile.lock
bundle install

Database Setup

To run the specs, access to the database is required, so setup the database.yml, create the database, and run the migrations:

cp spec/dummy/config/database.yml.example spec/dummy/config/database.yml
# fill in passwords
edit spec/dummy/config/database.yml
rake db:create db:migrate


rake spec