Metasploit Payloads

This gem is a Metasploit-specific gem that contains all of the Meterpreter payloads (except for Mettle). This is made up of:

  • Windows DLLs
  • Java Classes
  • PHP/Python Scripts

Mettle, the Native Linux / Posix payload, currently is developed at (to be moved here at some point?)


Given the nature of the contents of this gem, installation outside of Metasploit is not advised. To use Meterpreter, download and install Metasploit itself.


To build the gem:

  1. Update the version number in lib/metasploit-payloads/version.rb
  2. Run:
    • rake win_prep to build on Windows
    • rake java_prep to build Java files
    • rake python_prep and rake php_prep to copy the latest PHP/Python meterpreter files into place
  3. Binaries will be built in the data folder.
  4. Run rake build to generate the new gem file using content in meterpreter folder.
  5. Run rake release to release the binary to RubyGems.

Note, when using the command rake win_prep and related Windows rake tasks, you must be in the Visual Studio Developer command prompt, and have a path to a git binary in your default path. If your git.exe is part of posh-git or GitHub for Windows, that means adding something like the following to your path: