Metanorma is dedicated to harmonizing standard documents produced by different standard-setting bodies in a manner that maintains correct semantics while allowing each standard publisher to define appropriate semantic extensions.

Simply put, it allows standards bodies or any other organization to create their own standard or specification document in a best practices manner.

Metanorma is composed of a number of specifications and software implementations. The Metanorma document model is based on the SecureDoc document model.

Metanorma includes the following sub-projects:


The Metanorma workflow can be utilized via the metanorma Ruby gem.

gem install metanorma


metanorma --type <chosen-type> [--format input-format] iso-my-standard-document.adoc



(specified via --type or -t) takes one of the following types: rfc2, rfc3, iso, gb, csd


(specified via --format or -f) only accepts asciidoc for now

As the --format argument is (currently) optional, so:

metanorma --type iso iso-my-standard-document.adoc

Origin of name

Meta- is a prefix of Greek origin ("μετα") for “with” or simply “of”, and norma is Latin for “rule” and “standard”. The Metanorma project is for setting a standard for standard documents created by standards-setting organizations, and therefore is given this rather fitting name.