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Gem for serialising the Metanorma Standoc model.


This gem processes Metanorma documents following a template for generating standards documents, according to a range of standards classes. This gem provides underlying generic functionality; behaviour specific to each standards class is refined in the gem specific to that standards class (e.g. The following outputs are generated.

  • Metanorma XML representation of the document, intended as a document model for Standards. The Metanorma XML representation is processed in turn, to generate one or more of the following outputs as end deliverables, depending on each standards class gem:

  • Microsoft Word output (.doc)

  • HTML output (.html)

  • PDF (.pdf)

The following input formats are supported:

This README provides an overview of the functionality of the gem; see also Guidance for authoring. Quickstart guide gives a summary overview.

AsciiMathML is used for mathematical formatting. The gem uses the Ruby AsciiMath parser, which is syntactically stricter than the common MathJax processor; if you do not get expected results, try bracketting terms your in AsciiMathML expressions.


If you are using a Mac, the repository has instructions on setting up your machine to run Metanorma scripts such as this one. You need only run the following in a Terminal console:

$ bash <(curl -s
$ gem install metanorma-standoc
$ gem install metanorma-cli

The metanorma-cli gem is the command-line interface for the Metanorma tool suite (incorporating the metanorma executable seen above).