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This gem processes Metanorma documents following a template for generating OGC standards and documents.

It provides the following functions:

  1. Compiles Metanorma input into the Metanorma-OGC XML format

  2. Validates XML output against the Metanorma-OGC document model

    • Errors are reported to console against the XML, and are intended for users to check that they have provided all necessary components of the document.

  3. Metanorma-OGC XML is then converted into desired output formats.

The following outputs are supported:

  • Primary: the canonical Metanorma-OGC XML representation (.xml).

  • Secondary: the Metanorma-OGC XML representation is processed to generate the following outputs as end deliverable OGC documents.

    • HTML (.html)

    • PDF (.pdf)

    • Word (.doc)


This gem inherits from the gem, and aligns closely to it.


Please see for instructions to get started.

If you are using a Mac, the repository has instructions on setting up your machine to run Metanorma scripts such as this one. You need only run the following in a Terminal console:

$ bash <(curl -s
$ gem install metanorma-cli
$ gem install metanorma-ogc


Using the metanorma CLI:

$ metanorma --type ogc a.adoc                   # output HTML
$ metanorma --type ogc --extensions html a.adoc # output just HTML
$ metanorma --type ogc --extensions xml a.adoc  # output Metanorma XML


Please refer to the Metanorma-ISO documentation for general documentation.