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merimee adds some rspec macros (Test::Case to come ... maybe) to add automatic spell checking to your tests.


gem 'merimee'



Just drop a require 'merimee' in your spec_helper.rb. It gives you the following in your views :

describe 'splash/index' do

# Which is equivalent to
describe 'splash/logout' do
  it "should have a correct spelling" do
    rendered.should have_a_correct_spelling

Standalone use

Well, you need to initalize a Merimee::Checker with a Merimee::Config

checker = do |config|
  # Configure if needed
# checker = would be equivalent here
# checker = too

checker.check('This text has one BIGE error')
=> [BIGE spelling]

Error objects have some interesting fields (type, suggestions, url, description), inspect them to know more.


The config object has the following methods/arguments : do |config|
  # Ignore OHAI spelling errors. This is case sensitive for now, feel free to tell me if you feel it shouldn't be the case.
  config.dict_add 'OHAI' 
  config.dict_add %w{Trealiu Chtulu} # Ignore other words, method takes any enumerable too !

  # Ignore all words contained in blah.txt, one per line
  config.dict_add_file 'blah.txt'

  # English by default, but AfterTheDeadline also supports French(fr), Spanish(es), German(de), Portuguese(pt)
  config.language = 'en' 

  # AtD says that you should provide a key, unique per use. You don't need to register/get it, but
  # you can't have more than one request on their servers at the same time with the same key.
  # Since merimee is intended for test mode, it should be fine.
  config.api_key = 'blah' 

  # You can ignore some types of errors.
  # Some are already ignored by default, see Merimee::DEFAULT_IGNORE_TYPES in lib/merimee/config.rb
  config.ignore 'spelling', 'grammar'
  # You can also include some types that were ignored
  config.error 'cliches', 'double negatives'

Configuration with RSpec

You can still modify your config within RSpec :

#In your spec_helper.rb
require 'merimee'

RSpec.configure do |config|
  config.merimee_config.dict_add 'ignoreThisWord'

Or you can set your config in your test (for example to ignore just a word in one view) :

describe "blah/index" do
  it_should_have_correct_spelling do |config|
    config.dict_add "mybrand"

Known issues

See Feel free to fork, send request (especially for Test::Case ... I'm a bit lazy for that).


This gem is licensed under the MIT license. See

Thanks etc.

This gem was based on some code from