A plugin for the Merb framework that provides generators for rSpec Text Stories.

This is currently only very basic support. It supports the same helper methods that are available in Merbs current spec helpers.

SETUP: in config/dependencies.rb include this line

dependency “merb_stories”


– Generating Stories

ruby script/generate story my_story

OR for more organised stories

ruby script/generate story group/sub_group/my_story

This allows you to divide your stories up into different directories. You can have as many or few sub directories as you like

– Running the stories

merb_stories includes a rake file that allows you to run you stories

EXAMPLE rake story


rake story

or to run all stories

rake story


To make your own custom modules available to the stories you write you need to include them in the MerbStory class. Any methods you define on your MerbStory class will be available.

EXAMPLE In stories/helper.rb

class MerbStory

include MyExtraHelper