Warning: This project is a work in progress.

Install with:

gem install menthol

Menthol is a web scraper that fetch your Thai bank account balances and sum them for you in your terminal.

Store your configuration under ~/.mentholrc and run with mentholrc fetch.

Here's a sample ~/.mentholrc configuration file:

- provider: Krungsri
    - name: Savings
      currency: THB
  username: johndoe
  password: 1dk49fncH93JsKKJ8

- provider: Local
  name: LH Bank
    - name: Fixed
      amount: 10000000
      currency: THB

This library currently support:

  • Krungsri
  • Bangkokbank
  • Kasikornbank
  • Local (the amount must be given in the configuration file as the smallest currency subunit)

You'll also need Chrome installed and chrome-webdriver somewhere on your PATH.

If you run on a linux box in only a terminal you can install the optional headless gem and let it run without the need for a screen to be attached.