This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.

Using custom layouts in default interface

If you want customize laura layout, add this line above to your application.rb in you config.

config.to_prepare do
    MechanizeStore::ApplicationController.layout "yourlayoutname"

Your layout must have paths with this notation, or it will not works. Ex:


Creates a yield for menu actions called :right. Ex:

    <%= yield(:right) %>

These project was created to encapsulate a commom models of an MechanizeStore application, these model are:

  • Flag (For credit cards flag)

    - name
  • ProductCategory

    - name
  • Product

    - name
    - price
    - description
    - short_description
    - weight
    - height
    - length
    - product_category_id
  • ProductPhoto

    - file (a paperclip attachment)
    - product_id
  • Payment

    - payable (a polymorphic association)
    - value
    - paid_value
    - paid_in
    - flag_id
    - payment_status
    - payment_type
  • Order

    - order_status
    - store
    - delivery_date
  • Store

    - name
    - url 
    - key

Add mechanize_store as a gem in your product:

gem 'mechanize-store'

Next execute this command in your terminal:

rake mechanize_mechanize_store:install:migrations