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The all-in-one linting solution.

Plays nice with Middleman and Rails.


  • Gemfile: gem 'maximus', group: :development
  • Elsewhere/command line: gem install maximus
  • Globally with RVM (~/.rvm/gemsets/global.gems): maximus

Maximus has several node dependencies that can be installed via the command line:

$ npm install -g jshint phantomas stylestats

or once the gem is successfully installed:

$ maximus install


Lints and statistics can be configured turned on or off with a maximus.yml file in the root directory maximus is being called in. config/maximus.yml will be checked if a config file isn't found in the root, and if there's still no luck, the default config will be loaded.

Parent options are identical to the command line flags with the exception of include and exclude.

domain: 'http://localhost'
port: 3000
  home: '/'

Configs for each lint or statistic are identical to their own syntax.

      enabled: true

For systems that are JavaScript based, like JSHint, the YAML is converted to JSON.

  browser: true
  unused: true
  jquery: true

Some configs can be massive and it's more readable to break these into their own files. They can be loaded by setting the value to the path of the desired config.

rubocop: 'config/rubocop.yml'

Systems and groups of systems can be disabled with booleans. Groups of systems override individual preferences.

brakeman: false
statistics: false # no statistics will run
lints: true # all lints including brakeman will run

Sample Config

Command Line


Flag Accepts Description
-g/--sha String Run maximus based on a git commit. See below
-f/--frontend Boolean/Blank Run all front-end lints
-b/--backend Boolean/Blank Run all back-end lints
-s/--statistics Boolean/Blank Run all statistics
-a/--all Boolean/Blank Run everything
-i/--include String/Array Include specific lints or statistics
-i/--exclude String/Array Exclude specific lints or statistics
-c/--config String Path to config file
-fp/--filepaths String/Array Space-separated path(s) to files
-u/--urls String/Array Statistics only - Space-separated path(s) to relative URLs
-d/--domain String Statistics only - Web address (prepended to paths)
-po/--port String/Numeric Statistics only - Port to use if required (appended to domain)
  • Lint tasks can accept glob notation, i.e. **/*.scss
  • Arrays are space-separated, i.e. --urls=/ /about


Command Description
install Installs node dependencies
frontend Runs all front-end lints
backend Runs all back-end lints
statistics Runs all statistics

Git Examples

$ maximus -g working

Default. Lints based on your working directory

$ maximus -g last

Lints based on the previous commit by HEAD^

$ maximus -g master

Lints based on the commit on the master branch

$ maximus -g d96a8e23

Lints based on commit d96a8e23

Lint syntax

When adding new lints, the JSON output should obey the following format:

[ <filename String>: {
  linter: <test_name String>
  severity: <warning | error | convention | refactor String>
  reason: <explaination String>
  column: <position Integer>
  line: <position Integer>
} ]


If calling Maximus::Wraith from a script, please see the note in lib/statistics/wraith.rb#result