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Ruby gem to convert MathML into AsciiMath

Ignores style and MathML attributes (other than mfenced/@open, mfenced/@close, mo/@fence).

Processes the following MathML tags: mrow, mfenced, msqrt, mfrac, msup, msub, munderover, msubsup, munder, mover, mi, mn, ntext, mo, mtable, mtr, mtd.

Converts all the Unicode characters MathJax knows about into AsciiMath operators (e.g. \\beta, xx, oint)

As with the other two MathML to AsciiMath converters available online (Python:, Node.js:, this converter is not foolproof, production-ready, or complete, and you will need to post-edit output. It’s still a lot better than nothing. (And because it converts Unicode to Ascii, it’s a lot better than the other two.)