MassiveSitemap S3 Writer

S3 Writer extension for MassiveSitemap


S3 Writer extends MassiveSitemap::Writer::GzipFile for uploading the generated siemap file directly to S3. The state of the sitemap files is read from there too, which makes permanenty storage of the files localy obsolete.

For initialization the S3 options are required as first parameter:

require 'massive_sitemap'
require 'massive_sitemap/writer/s3'

s3_options = { :access_key_id => ..., :secret_access_key => ..., :bucket => ... }
writer =

MassiveSitemap::generate(:url => ..., :writer => writer)


Obviously depends on a S3 library which is the fabouly slick S3 gem.

For further information check Massive Sitemap gem


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The license is included as LICENSE in this directory.