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MarketoAPI (marketo-api-ruby) provides a native Ruby interface to the Marketo SOAP API, using savon. While understanding the Marketo SOAP API is necessary for using marketo-api-ruby, it is an explicit goal that working with MarketoAPI not feel like working with a hinky Java port.

This is release 0.9.1, targeting Marketo API version 2.3, fixing a syncLead problem where Id, Email, and ForeignSysPersonId are inconsistent with other syncLead parameters. This fixes an issue with Marketo campaign methods.

Please note that Ruby 1.9.2 is not officially supported, but MarketoAPI will install on any version of Ruby 1.9.2 or later.


The marketo-api-ruby implementation of the Marketo SOAP API is incomplete, but is scheduled to be complete against Marketo SOAP API 2.3 for the version 1.0 release; this will take some time.

  • Marketo Object (MObject) operations are 80% implemented.

    • Not implemented: syncMObjects

    • Improvements will be made to the criteria-building interface and the association-building interface.

  • Marketo Custom Object operations are not yet implemented.

  • Marketo Lead operations are 37% implemented.

    • Not implemented: getMultipleLeads, mergeLeads, getLeadActivity, getLeadChanges

  • Marketo Campaign operations are 90% implemented.

    • The requestCampaign API is currently awkward around managing program tokens (programTokenList in the SOAP API).

    • The scheduleCampaign API is currently awkward around managing program tokens (programTokenList in the SOAP API).

  • Marketo List opertions are 100% implemented.


require 'marketo_api' # Only required if not loaded by Bundler
marketo = MarketoAPI.client(
  api_subdomain:  '123-ABC-456',
  user_id:        'my-api-user-id',
  encryption_key: 'my-api-encryption-key'

# Get a lead by email, and sync it back to Marketo.
lead = marketo.leads.get_by_email('[email protected]') = '[email protected]'

# Get campaigns for marketo (MKTOWS)
puts marketo.campaigns.for_marketo

# Delete Opportunity 75.
marketo.mobjects.delete MarketoAPI::MObject.opportunity(75)

# Get all Marketo programs


Add to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'marketo-api-ruby'

Or install manually:

gem install marketo-api-ruby


After checking out the source, run:

$ rake newb

This task will install any missing dependencies, run the tests/specs, and generate the RDoc.

marketo-api-ruby Modified Semantic Versioning

The marketo-api-ruby library tracks an externally versioned API; this is not fully compatible with all aspects of Semantic Versioning.

  1. MAJOR versions will be updated when targeting a new major version of the Marketo API, if Marketo makes incompatible changes to its API in minor versions, or when incompatible marketo-api-ruby API changes are made. The release notes will identify the cause of the update.

  2. MINOR versions will be updated when targeting a new minor version of the Marketo API (e.g., Marketo version 2.2 to 2.3).

  3. PATCH version when backwards-compatible bug fixes are made.

Additionally, each release will clearly identify which Marketo API it targets as its baseline. If a release is made without a PATCH level, it can be assumed to be zero.

In practical terms, MAJOR versions will only be updated if you cannot use an earlier API version for an existing query (such as Marketo::Lead#sync).

:include: Contributing.rdoc

:include: Licence.rdoc