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Markerb allows you to render multipart e-mails from a single template. The template is written in Markdown, which is delivered as a text part, but also rendered and delivered as an HTML part.

The usage is quite simple. Assuming you have a notifier as below:

class Notifier < ActionMailer::Base
  def contact(recipient)
    @recipient = recipient
    mail(:to => @recipient, :from => "[email protected]") do |format|

If you create a template at app/views/notifier/contact.markerb:

Multipart templates **rocks**, right <%= @recipient %>?!

It will generate two parts, one in text and another in html when delivered. Before we finish, here are a few things you might need to know:

  • The contact.markerb template should not have a format in its name. Adding a format would make it unavailable to be rendered in different formats;

  • The order of the parts matter. It is important for e-mail clients that you call format.text before you call format.html;

  • Notice you can normally use ERb inside the template.



Add it to your Gemfile, with either the redcarpet or kramdown parser:

gem 'markerb'
gem 'redcarpet', '>= 2.0'
# gem 'kramdown'

Run the following command to install it:

bundle install

Bug reports

If you discover any bugs, feel free to create an issue on GitHub. Please add as much information as possible to help us fixing the possible bug. We also encourage you to help even more by forking and sending us a pull request.



MIT License. Copyright 2011-2015 Plataformatec.