Large scale cloud nodes distribution and deployment using Bittorrent, Capistrano and Libvirt.

How it works

Marabunta relies on Murder,, to distribute the virtual disks to the cloud nodes and uses the Libvirt api to deploy and start the images once they are distributed.

Currently Marabunta just supports deployments on Kvm but it can support as many hypervisors as Libvirt supports.

It uses the libvirt jar library rather than ruby-libvirt because it's more up to date so the tasks must be run with JRuby.


The most simple way to use Marabunta is setting the deployment strategy to :marabunta. It also requires to set the name of the :hypervisor.

There are some deployment configuration templates into the directory examples.

Marabunta can also be used without the deployment strategy. Follow the steps that Murder requires for the manual usage and then run the marabunta deploy task:

$ jruby -S cap marabunta:deploy tag="MURDER_TAG_NAME"

Copyright (c) 2010 David Calavera[email protected]. See LICENSE for details.