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Ruby gem and command-line tool for generating sitemap files from the DataCite REST API. Uses the SitemapGenerator gem and can be run as Docker container, e.g. using as a scheduled task in AWS ECS triggered by AWS Cloudwatch Events.

Run as a command-line tool:

maltese sitemap


Requires Ruby 2.2 or later. Then add the following to your Gemfile to install the latest version:

gem 'maltese'

Then run bundle install to install into your environment.

You can also install the gem system-wide in the usual way:

gem install maltese


We use rspec for unit testing:

bundle exec rspec

Follow along via Github Issues.

Note on Patches/Pull Requests

  • Fork the project
  • Write tests for your new feature or a test that reproduces a bug
  • Implement your feature or make a bug fix
  • Do not mess with Rakefile, version or history
  • Commit, push and make a pull request. Bonus points for topical branches.


maltese is released under the MIT License.