Ruby library to parse and process JSON-formatted payloads from code hosting providers. It accepts any commits payloads and transforms them into identical data structures.

If you need to integrate web-hooks from Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab this is definitely worth checking out. Check examples for details.

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Supported platforms

You can integrate with the following providers:


Install via rubygems:

gem install magnum-payload

Or with bundler:

gem "magnum-payload", require: "magnum/payload"



require "magnum/payload"

# Shorthand method to parse payload
Magnum::Payload.parse("github", "JSON")    # => Magnum::Payload::Github
Magnum::Payload.parse("bitbucket", "JSON") # => Magnum::Payload::Bitbucket
Magnum::Payload.parse("gitlab", "JSON")    # => Magnum::Payload::Gitlab

# Or initialize a payload class directly
payload ="JSON data")

# Check if payload should be skipped

See Payload Attributes section for payload instance details.

Check examples directory for code samples.

Payload Classes

All payload classes are inherited from Magnum::Payload::Base:

  • Magnum::Payload::Github
  • Magnum::Payload::Gitlab
  • Magnum::Payload::Beanstalk
  • Magnum::Payload::Bitbucket
  • Magnum::Payload::Custom

Payload Attributes

Attributes are depending on payload class.

  • raw_data - Original payload string or hash
  • data - Formatted hash instance
  • skip - Skip flag that indicated full payload skip (deleted head, etc)
  • commit - Code revision (SHA1, number)
  • branch - Code branch name (git, hg, svn)
  • author - Commit author name
  • committer - Commit committer name (git)
  • message - Commit message text
  • committer_email - Committer email (git)
  • author_email - Author email (git)
  • commit_url - Direct URL to view commit diff
  • compare_url - Direct URL to view commits diff

Test Suite

To execute test suite run:

rake test



The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2013-2015 Magnum CI