Why another static site generator?

Machined is for the developers who know and love the asset pipeline of Rails 3.1 and want to develop blazingly fast static websites. It's built from the ground up using Sprockets 2.0.


$ gem install machined

Quick Start

$ machined new blog

This creates a directory with the default Machined project structure. More on that later. Let's start up the Machined server:

$ cd blog
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec machined server

Now that the server is running, edit your pages, assets, etc. and view the results. Most static site servers need to recompile the entire site each time a request is made. Machined (well really Sprockets) is smart enough to compile only what you request, so developing is super fast.

Deploying a Static Website

Once you've created your site, it's time to go live. On your production box, you just need to compile the site and let Apache, Nginx, or whatever handle the serving. It'll be fast - damn fast.

$ bundle exec machined compile --environment production

Diving In

Read the full documentation.

Copyright (c) 2011 Peter Browne. See LICENSE for details.