New Relic Logstash Output Plugin

This is a plugin for Logstash that outputs logs to New Relic.


Install the New Relic Logstash plugin using the following command:
logstash-plugin install logstash-output-newrelic


Versions of this plugin less than 1.0.0 are unsupported.


Add one of the following blocks to your logstash.conf (with your specific key), then restart Logstash. There are other optional configuration properties, see below.

Using API Insert Key

Get your API Insert Key:<ACCOUNT_ID>/manage/api_keys


output {
  newrelic {
    api_key => "<API_INSERT_KEY>"

Using License Key

Get your License Key:<ACCOUNT_ID>


output {
  newrelic {
    license_key => "<LICENSE_KEY>"

Required plugin configuration

Exactly one of the following:

Property Description
api_key your New Relic API Insert key
license_key your New Relic License key

Optional plugin configuration

Property Description Default value
concurrent_requests The number of threads to make requests from 1
base_uri New Relic ingestion endpoint

EU plugin configuration

When using this plugin in the EU override the base_uri with


An easy way to test the plugin is to make sure Logstash is getting input from a log file you can write to. Something like this in your logstash.conf:

input {
  file {
    path => "/path/to/your/log/file"
  • Restart Logstash
  • Append a test log message to your log file: echo "test message" >> /path/to/your/log/file
  • Search New Relic Logs for "test message"