Loggregator Emitter

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This gem provides an API to emit messages to the loggregator agent from Ruby applications.

Create an emitter object with the loggregator router host and port, an origin, and a source name of the emitter.

Call emit() or emit_error() on this emitter with the application GUID and the message string.

A valid source name is any 3 character string. Some common component sources are:
API (Cloud Controller)
RTR (Go Router)
APP (Warden container)
LGR (Loggregator)


Add the loggregator_emitter gem to your gemfile.

gem "loggregator_emitter"

Sample Workflow

require "loggregator_emitter"

emitter = LoggregatorEmitter::Emitter.new("", "origin", API")

app_guid = "a8977cb6-3365-4be1-907e-0c878b3a4c6b" # The GUID(UUID) for the user's application

emitter.emit(app_guid, message) # Emits messages with a message type of OUT

emitter.emit(app_guid, message, {"key" => "value"}) # Emits messages with tags

emitter.emit_error(app_guid, error_message) # Emits messages with a message type of ERR

Regenerating Protobuf library

BEEFCAKE_NAMESPACE=Sonde protoc --beefcake_out lib/sonde -I ~/workspace/cf-release/src/loggregator/src/github.com/cloudfoundry/sonde-go/definitions/events ~/workspace/cf-release/src/loggregator/src/github.com/cloudfoundry/sonde-go/definitions/events/envelope.proto


This gem is versioned using semantic versioning.