Locum Best Practices

This gem makes your configuring deployment on locum.ru faster!

for Ruby on Rails applications


  • Deployment

    • Capistrano integration
    • Configuration generator
    • Custom tasks
    • Predefined default settings
    • Pretty logs with Airbrussh gem
  • Environment

  • Web server

    • Unicorn in requirements
    • Config predefined


It is tested and works with:

  • MRI >= 2.1
  • Rails >= 4.2

Other versions are untested but might work fine.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile into development group:

gem 'locum-best-practices'

And then execute:

$ bundle


Install gem locum in your system only. Not include it in your gemfile:

gem install locum

And execute:

$ locum init

> You need enter login and password from locum hosting account.

Add deployment configuration:

$ rails g locum:deploy

This creates the following files, you can edit them for your choice.

├── Capfile
└── config
    ├── initializers
       └── figaro.rb
    ├── deploy
       ├── production.rb
       └── testing.rb
    ├── environments
       └── testing.rb
    ├── deploy.rb
    ├── newrelic.yml
    ├── database.yml
    ├── secrets.yml
    └── application.yml
├── .editorconfig  
└── .rubocop.yml


This project rocks and uses MIT License (MIT).

Copyright (c) 2016 DarkCreative Studio