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Copyright 2014 PagerDuty, Inc.

Lita handler for GitHub-related operations. This include administrative management of organizations and repository management/operations.

This project was born out of the Aug 22, 2014 HackDay at PagerDuty.

Under Development

This Gem is currently in development, and is not suited for production use. There will probably be bugs.

In addition, the documentation will be lacking while the development is underway.

Running Locally

Set Up

You'll need to have checked out this repo and cd into its directory. Then run the following commands.

docker-compose run --rm lita-github bundle install --jobs=5
cp lita_config.example.rb lita_config.rb

Edit the lita_config.rb file as needed, you'll most likely need to add your own Github Access Token.

docker-compose run --rm lita-github bundle exec rake

If the above command works and everything passes then you're good to go!

Interacting with Lita on the command line

docker-compose run --rm lita-github bundle exec lita


The configuration options will get their own in-depth doc a little further down the line. Here are the important ones for now:

  • config.handlers.github.access_token = ''
    • Your GitHub access token (generated from Settings > Security > Personal Applications)
    • This is an administrative utility, so the token will need pretty wide access to leverage this plugin fully
  • config.handlers.github.default_org = ''
    • Your company may only have one organization, the handler will allow you to type just the repo name (lita-github) instead of PagerDuty/lita-github.
  • config.handlers.github.default_team_slugs = ['']
    • if no team is provided when adding a repo, it uses these teams by default -- if unset, only owners can access repo
    • the default teams that should be added to a repo based on the slug name:
    • When clicking on a team in your org you can use the URL to get the slug:<ORG>/teams/[slug]

Github Enterprise configuration

To set your github enterprise hostname you have to directly configure Octokit. All you have to do is add the following snippet to lita_config.rb.

Octokit.configure do |octo_config|
  octo_config.api_endpoint = "https://<your-api-hostname>/api/v3/"


Use the source, Luke. We will try to keep this list up to date, but it will be inevitably deprecated by proper documentation.

The command support two prefixes, assuming you have the robot_alias set to !:

  • !gh <command>
  • !github <command>

Here is the current functionality:

GitHub Main Handler

  • !gh status
    • get the current system status for GitHub
  • !gh version
    • get the version of handler
  • !gh token
    • generate a TOTP token if config.handlers.github.totp_secret is set in the config
  • !gh whois theckman
    • show some information about a GitHub user

GitHub Repository Handler

  • !gh repo create PagerDuty/lita-github private:true team:<team_slug> admin:<username>
    • This creates a new repository, sets it to private, adds the team you've specified, and adds the GitHub user with as admin
    • This method can be disabled by setting config.handlers.github.repo_create_enabled = false in your configuration file
  • !gh repo delete PagerDuty/lita-github
    • Deletes the repo you specify, requires confirmation before doing so
    • Note: This method is disabled by default, you need to enable it by setting config.handlers.github.repo_delete_enabled = true in your configuration file
  • !gh repo rename PagerDuty/lita-github better-lita-github
    • Renames the repo you specify -- requires confirmation
  • !gh repo teams PagerDuty/lita-github
    • list all of the teams currently attached to a repo
  • !gh repo team add <TEAM_ID|TEAM_SLUG> PagerDuty/lita-github
    • adds the team to the repo -- requires confirmation and enabling via config option (repo_team_add_enabled = true)
  • !gh repo team rm <TEAM_ID|TEAM_SLUG> PagerDuty/lita-github
    • removes the team to the repo -- requires confirmation and enabling via config option (repo_team_rm_enabled = true)
  • !gh repo update description PagerDuty/lita-github The new lita-github description!
    • update the description of the repo, can be disabled with: repo_update_description_enabled = false
  • !gh repo update homepage lita-github
    • update the homepage of the repo, can be disabled with: repo_update_homepage_enabled = false

Github PR Handler

  • !gh pr info PagerDuty/lita-github #42
    • output some information about the PR. Such as: state (open|closed|merged), build status, user who opened, user who merged, amongst others...
  • !gh pr merge PagerDuty/lita-github #42 or !shipit PagerDuty/lita-github #42
    • This merges the specified pull request
    • This method can be disabled by setting config.handlers.github.pr_merge_enabled = false in your configuration file
  • !gh pr list PagerDuty/lita-github
    • list the open pull requests on a repo

Github Organization Handler

  • !gh org teams PagerDuty & !gh teams PagerDuty
    • list the teams for the GitHub repo

There is also an early version of organization team management (add / remove) not documented as well. Documentation is missing because it's not feature complete.