lita-github-web-hooks integrates GitHub Web Hooks with Lita. It allows Lita to announce various GitHub activity in the chat.


Add lita-github-web-hooks to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-github-web-hooks"


Required attributes

  • room_ids (Array<String>) - An array of string room IDs. Events received from GitHub will be announced in every room defined by this attribute.
  • user_ids (Array<String>) - An array of string user IDs. Events received from GitHub will be sent to every user defined by this attribute.


Here is an example of what a configuration for Lita running on HipChat might look like.

Lita.configure do |config|
  config.handlers.github_web_hooks.room_ids = ["12345_myroom"]
  config.handlers.github_web_hooks.user_ids = ["[email protected]"]


IMPORTANT: Only the ping, push, and watch hooks are implemented so far. The rest of the hooks will be coming when GitHub documents their payloads.

  1. Specify which rooms and users you want GitHub activity announced to via the configuration attributes.
  2. Use GitHub's API or a repository's settings page to create a new hook for the events you're interested in. Set the "Payoad URL" to, where is the hostname where your Lita instance is running.