Gem Version

Provides the default set of handlers that ship with Lita itself. The handlers are:

  • Authorization, for managing authorization groups
  • Help, for listing help strings for other handler routes
  • Info, for basic information about the running robot
  • Room, for making the robot join and part from rooms
  • Users, for finding a user's Lita user ID


In Lita 5, this gem is a hard dependency of the lita gem itself, so it's not necessary to do anything to install it.

In Lita 6:

This gem must be included in the Lita project's Gemfile in order to be included, like any other plugin. New Lita projects created by lita new using Lita 5 or later will include the entry for it in the Gemfile automatically. To remove the default handlers, simply remove that line from the Gemfile.