Linguo detects the language of a given text using Free Language Detection API.

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Install it from rubygems:

gem install linguo

If you're using Rails, add to your Gemfile:

gem 'linguo'
# gem 'linguo', :git => 'git://'

and run:


You can run rails g linguo:config to generate an initializer and set up API key at config/initializers/linguo.rb.

Usage examples

You can use demo API key (demo) to test out any examples below.

There are a few ways to set an API key. You can set default API key globally in Linguo::Config.api_key:

Linguo.api_key = "your_api_key"

or set the environment variable 'LINGUO_API_KEY' and Linguo will use it.

You can also pass it directly:

Linguo.detect("your text to detect", "your_api_key")

Identify text language and get confidence scores using the detect method:


Get a list of languages with confidence greater than 0.3:

Linguo.detect("こんにちは") {|x| x['language'] if x['confidence'] > 0.3}.compact

Linguo adds lang method to String class:


It will return an array containing detected languages.

For more information, refer to documentation.


Released under the BSD 2-clause license. See LICENSE.txt for details.