Installation is simple. Follow the following steps:


gem install libxsl-ruby


$ rake test
$ rake install

If extconf yacks up an error, follow the instructions it provides. You will need to chdir to ext/xml and run 'ruby extconf.rb' to provide options, after which you can either use Rake for everything or do with make (make && make install).

Once installed, look at the test scripts (tests/*.rb), and run 'rake doc' to generate API documentation.


RDoc comments are included - run 'rake doc' to generate documentation. You can find the latest documentation at:


Note: To use libxsl-ruby, you have to require both 'xml/libxml' and 'xml/libxslt'.

$ cd tests
$ ruby fuzface.rb

If you checked out from CVS

If you checked out the source from CVS, you must install a copy of the current (or matching) libxml-ruby headers in:


prior to running the above. This can be done via rake, and will happen automatically if ../libxml/ext/xml is found, or the LIBXMLH=/path/to/headers commandline option is supplied.

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