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Convert a Less file to a Scss file.

Sorry if the name causes any confusion but this gem doesn't currently output Sass. It should be easy to convert Scss to Sass if necessary.


% gem install less2sass


Single file conversion

% less2sass inputfile.less [options]

Multiple file conversion

% less2sass *.less [options]

% less2sass inputfile1.less inputfile2.less [options]


less2sass will output to inputfile.scss unless an alternative is given.

% less2sass styles.less

% less2sass styles.less -o styles.scss

both examples will output to & overwrite styles.scss


option parameter
-o, --output FILE.scss name of outputfile (Single file only)
-d, --delete delete inputfile after outputfile is created
-p, --print output sass results to the terminal
-v, --version print less2sass version
-h, --help print help

Docker Image

This docker image was created by cthiebault so that installation of Ruby on your base OS isn't required.