Legal Poo: Crapping Out License Files

Generating a license file is boring. Finding all the little mentions of "the author" and the copyright date can be obnoxious. Shouldn't there be a way to do that automatically?

gem install legal-poo
legal-poo fdosl md "Your Name" "2012" >
    # or, if you like plaintext better
legal-poo fdosl txt "Your Name" "2012" > COPYING

Now wasn't that easy?

Supported Licenses

  • fdosl Firestorm Development Open-Source License v0.1 (dual-licensing of BSD/MIT).
  • bsd2c 2-clause BSD
  • mit MIT
  • bsd3c 3-clause BSD
  • apache2 Apache License 2.0
  • zlib ZLib/libpng license
  • cdl and cdl_dance Chicken Dance license v0.2