Learn Create

This gem is designed to aid in the creation of learn lessons.

Installation and Setup

Before using learn_create, you must install hub, GitHub's extended CLI API.

    $ brew install hub

Once hub is installed, you'll need to get it configured before running learn_create. The best way to do this is to use hub once to create a repository on learn-co-curriculum. In the shell:

  • Create a new, empty folder and navigate into it
  • Run hub create learn-co-curriculum/<whatever name you've chosen>
    • You should be prompted to sign into GitHub
  • If everything works as expected you should now have an empty learn-co-curriculum repo on GitHub
  • Delete the repo. Everything should be set up now.

Install the learn_create gem:

    $ gem install learn_create


To create a new learn repository, navigate to the folder where you'd like your repo to be created locally. Type:


Follow the command line prompts for setting up and naming your repository. The repo will be created locally and pushed to GitHub. When finished, you can cd into the local folder or open it on github to start working.