REST API webservice for lazar and nano-lazar. lazar (lazy structure–activity relationships) is a modular framework for read across predictions of chemical toxicities. Within the European Union’s FP7 eNanoMapper project lazar was extended with capabilities to handle nanomaterial data, interfaces to other eNanoMapper services (databases and ontologies) and a stable and user-friendly graphical interface for nanoparticle read-across predictions. lazar-rest provides a new Restful webservice to this developments.


Download the code from github.

git clone

Install the required library gems with bundler

cd lazar-gem
bundle install

In development environment use lazar and qsar-report library from source

    require "../lazar/lib/lazar.rb"
    require "../qsar-report/lib/qsar-report.rb"

In production environment change this to the following to have lazar and qsar-report library from ruby gem

    require "../lazar/lib/lazar.rb"
    require "../qsar-report/lib/qsar-report.rb"

start the service with unicorn on an assigned port

unicorn -p 8080 -D

(satrt without daemonize option -D for debugging)


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Copyright (c) 2015-2016 Christoph Helma, Micha Rautenberg, Denis Gebele. See LICENSE for details.