Lab42, Programmers' Best Friend In Ruby 2


Predefined Scripts


  lab42_ruby_session project_home [:dry_run] [repl: <repl and params>]

Opens a tmux session with the following windows

  repl, defaulting to "irb"
  vi "vi ."
  lib "vi lib"
  spec "vi spec" iff project_home/spec exists
  features "vi feartures" iff project_home/featutes exists 
  cucu "sh" iff project_home/featutes exists 
  a shell

Broken in 0.0.2

  lab42_tmux some_path [windows: n]

If a session with the basename of some_path exists will attach to it. Otherwise will open a session with that name and n additional windows, each window will be cwed into `some_path.