release:: $Release: 3.2.0 $
copyright:: copyright(c) 2004-2006 kuwata-lab.com all rights reserved

== Introduction

Kwartz is a template system which realized the concept
"Independence Presentatin Logic".
It means that Kwartz can separates presentation logics
from both business logic (= main program) and
presentation data (= HTML file).

See users' guide ('doc/users-guide.html') for details.

== Installation

If you have installed RubyGems, just type 'gem install -r kwartz'.

$ sudo gem install -r kwartz

Else download kwartz-ruby_x.x.x.tar.bz2 and install with setup.rb.

$ tar xjf kwartz-ruby_x.x.x
$ cd kwartz-ruby_x.x.x/
$ sudo ruby setup.rb

Kwartz-ruby requires 'abstract.rb'. You can install it by RubyGems
or download from rubyforge.

== Copyright

copyright(c) 2004-2006 kuwata-lab.com all rights reserved

== License

LGPL 2.1

If you need looser license, please suggest me.

Output scripts kwartz command generates are outside of the license.

== Special Thanks

* This project is subsidized by Exploratory Software Project of IPA
(Information-Technology Promotion Agency Japan).
See http://www.ipa.go.jp/about/english/index.html for IPA.

* Some people gave me advices. Thank you!
* Shu-yu Guo - He corrected my English of documents.
* Andreas Schwarz - He gave me several good advices.
* Wesley J Landaker - He created a Debian package of Kwartz.
* S.Yamanaka - He gave me good suggestions.