This Knife Plugin is an easy way to switch between various supermarkets, the biggest of them being the Chef Community Site, located at The knife supermarket commands mimic the knife cookbook site commands and work the same way.


If you are running Chef-DK you can install it by running:

$ chef gem install knife-supermarket

Otherwise, this plugin is distributed as a Ruby Gem. To install it, run:

$ gem install knife-supermarket

Depending on your system's configuration, you may need to run this command with root privileges.


Out of the box, knife-supermarket is configured to point at, but it can be configured to point at a supermarket that isn't the official one. To do this you can do this a few ways:

On The Command Line

When using the knife supermarket commands you can specify a --supermarket-site or -m flag and specify the uri of the new supermarket. So, for example, if your supermarket was hosted at you could run knife supermarket install --supermarket-site mysql.

knife.rb Configuration

It may be preferable to use have this setting default to another host. For that, we can set the knife[:supermarket_site] setting in our knife.rb. So if we wanted to default to a supermarket hosted at it would be:

knife[:supermarket_site] = ''

Now when you run knife supermarket install mysql it will install the mysql cookbook from


The subcommands work the same way they for knife cookbook site. Please see for more information on the subcommands.