knife bluebox

This is the official Opscode Knife plugin for Blue Box. This plugin gives knife the ability to create, bootstrap, and manage Blue Box servers.


This plugin is distributed as a Ruby Gem. To install it, run:

gem install knife-bluebox


Set the following environmental variables in the right dotfile (typically .profile, .bash_profile, or .zshrc):

export BLUEBOX_API_KEY="YourAPIKey"              # should match /[a-f0-9]+/
export BLUEBOX_CUSTOMER_ID="YourCustomerNumber"  # should match /d+/

Then in your chef repository's .chef/knife.rb, set

knife[:bluebox_customer_id]  = ENV['BLUEBOX_CUSTOMER_ID']
knife[:bluebox_api_key]      = ENV['BLUEBOX_API_KEY']
knife[:identity_file]        = "#{ENV['HOME']}/.ssh/id_rsa"
knife[:public_identity_file] = "#{ENV['HOME']}/.ssh/"

You will need to run knife from within your chef repo to have the knife.rb config take effect.

Usage and subcommands

For a complete list of options for each command, use knife bluebox SUBCOMMAND ACTION --help.

knife bluebox flavor list

Show available block types and associated UUIDs.

knife bluebox image [create|delete|list] [options]

Manipulate and display stored block images.

  • knife bluebox create UUID creates a new machine image from the server specified by UUID.
    • --public will make the machine image public for other blocks users to deploy from.
    • --description provides a description for the image. Default is machine hostname and timestamp.

knife bluebox lb list

Show list of Blocks Load Balancer applications and each application's load balanced services.

knife bluebox server create [RUN LIST...] (options)

Create a new block instance.

knife bluebox server delete HOSTNAME

Delete block instance specified by HOSTNAME.

knife bluebox server list (options)

List all blocks currently running on the account.

knife bluebox location list (options)

List possible blocks locations