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A Test Kitchen Provisioner for PowerShell DSC


This software project is no longer under active development as it has no active maintainers. The software may continue to work for some or all use cases, but issues filed in GitHub will most likely not be triaged. If a new maintainer is interested in working on this project please come chat with us in #test-kitchen on Chef Community Slack.


You'll need a driver box with WMF4 or greater (ONLY WINDOWS SYSTEMS)

Installation & Setup

You'll need the test-kitchen & kitchen-dsc gems installed in your system, along with kitchen-vagrant or some ther suitable driver for test-kitchen.


You will see a delay in the return of the run details due to an difference in how the verbose stream is returned for DSC runs between WMF versions, so I return the verbose stream after the job completes. I'd love to live stream the results, but that'll take a bit more experimentation. (PR's welcome!)

Example Configurations

Configuration Settings

  • configuration_script_folder

    • Defaults to 'examples'.
    • The location of a PowerShell script(s) containing the DSC configuration command(s).
  • configuration_script

    • Defaults to 'dsc_configuration.ps1'
    • The name of the PowerShell script containing the DSC configuration command(s) (and possibly configuration data)
  • configuration_name

    • Name of the configuration to run, defaults to the suite name.
  • configuration_data

    • A YAML representation of what should be passed to the configuration.
    • Overrides any configurationdata variable assigned in the configuration script.
  • configuration_data_variable

    • Defaults to 'ConfigurationData'
    • Name of the variable that contains the ConfigurationData hashtable
    • Can be defined in the configuration script or via the configuration_data configuration setting.
  • dsc_local_configuration_manager_version

    • Defaults to 'wmf4'
    • Identifies what version of the LCM is in place
    • Other valid values are 'wmf4_with_update' and 'wmf5'
    • Currently the only difference between wmf4 and wmf4_with_update/wmf5 is the action_after_reboot and the debug_mode settings. Eventually, I'd like to add support for partial configurations, pull servers, etc..
    • In this context, wmf4_with_update refers to wmf4 with KB3000850 applied (to add support for WMF 5 generated configurations, plus some fixes).
  • dsc_local_configuration_manager

    • Settings for the LCM
    • Defaults are:
    • action_after_reboot = 'StopConfiguration' # wmf4_with_update or wmf5
    • reboot_if_needed = false
    • allow_module_overwrite = false
    • certificate_id = nil
    • configuration_mode = 'ApplyAndAutoCorrect'
    • configuration_mode_frequency_mins = 30 # 15 on wmf5
    • debug_mode = 'All' # wmf4_with_update
    • refresh_frequency_mins = 15 # 30 on wmf5
    • refresh_mode = 'PUSH'
  • modules_from_gallery

    • Requires WMF 5
    • Takes a string (for one module) or an array (for multiple) to install from the gallery
    • Or takes a hash with keys matching the parameters for install-module.
    • Name is required.
    • Force is automatically used and not required as part of the hash table.
    • Repository defaults to either PSGallery or any custom feed defined, but can be overriden here.
  • gallery_name

    • Custom PowerShell gallery name to install modules from.
    • If there is no package source with this name registered on the machine, then gallery_uri must be configured as well.
  • gallery_uri

    • URI for a custom PowerShell gallery feed.

Specific to repository style testing

  • modules_path
    • Defaults to 'modules'.
    • Points to the location of modules containing DSC resources to upload
    • This path is relative to the root of the repository (the location of the .kitchen.yml).


  - name: dsc
    dsc_local_configuration_manager_version: wmf5
      reboot_if_needed: true
      debug_mode: none
    configuration_script_folder: .
    configuration_script: SampleConfig.ps1
    gallery_name: xWebDevFeed
      - xWebAdministration
      - name: xComputerManagement
        repository: PSGallery

  - name: test
          - nodename: localhost
            role: webserver