This Rails mountable engine allows you to manage your Avatax integration in Kill Bill.

Kill Bill compatibility

Avatax UI version Kill Bill version
0.0.y 0.16.z
0.1.y 0.18.z (Rails 4)
0.2.y 0.18.z (Rails 5)
1.x.y 0.20.z
2.x.y 0.22.z


This app lets you:

  • configure tax codes associated with products in your catalog
  • set tax exemption codes on Kill Bill accounts
  • configure your Avatax credentials

Getting Started

You can run this locally by using the test/dummy app provided.

To do so, specify your Kill Bill server url, api key and secret in test/dummy/config/initializers/killbill_client.rb:

KillBillClient.url = ''
KillBillClient.api_key = 'bob'
KillBillClient.api_secret = 'lazar'

Then, simply run:

rails s

To run tests:

rails t