Kanaui stands for Kill Bill Analytics UI. This is a mountable rails engine which allows to view the analytics dashboard. In order to work correctly:

Kill Bill compatibility

Kanaui version Kill Bill version
0.4.y 0.16.z
0.5.y 0.18.z (Rails 4)
0.6.y 0.18.z (Rails 5)
1.x.y 0.20.z
2.x.y 0.22.z

Getting Started

You can run Kanaui locally by using the test/dummy app provided and interracting with a running version of Kill Bill along with the analytics plugin. In that mode, there is no support for authorization and no support for multi-tenancy. Instead, Kanaui will use the default user admin:password and rely on static configuration to provide the tenant apiKey and apiSecret.

Kanaui Configuration

Specify your Kill Bill server url, api key and secret in test/dummy/config/initializers/killbill_client.rb:

KillBillClient.url = ''
KillBillClient.api_key = 'bob'
KillBillClient.api_secret = 'lazar'


To run the dummy app:

rails s

To run tests:

rails t