Kaltura Ruby API Client Library. Compatible with Kaltura server version 15.14.0 and above.

This source contains:

- The Kaltura client library (kaltura_client_base.rb)
- Auto generated core APIs (kaltura_client.rb)
- Auto generated plugin APIs (kaltura_plugins/*.rb)
- Ruby library test code and data files (test/*)


RAKE (rake.rubyforge.org/) Shoulda (gem install shoulda) Rest_client (gem install rest-client)


IMPORTANT: never run the tests of the client library against a production account - these tests perform modifications to account profiles. Update kaltura.yml with your account information Change directory to kaltura/ruby Execute the command: rake test

HTTP proxy support ==

This client respects both the `https_proxy` and `http_proxy` ENV vars (https_proxy takes precedence). `http_proxy` should be set like so: proxy_hostname:proxy_port, for example: http_proxy='my_proxy:3128'

When initialising the Kaltura::KalturaConfiguration object, you may also set a proxy host, like so:

config = Kaltura::KalturaConfiguration.new()
config.http_proxy = http_proxy

Doing that will override the values set in either ENV var.