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Simplified command-line administration for Kafka brokers.


Let us know! If you fork this, or if you use it, or if it helps in anyway, we'd love to hear from you! [email protected]

License & Attributions

This project is released under the Apache License Version 2.0 (APLv2).

How to release

  • update the version number in lib/kafkat/version.rb
  • execute bundle exec rake release


  • Install the gem.
gem install kafkat
  • Create a new configuration file to match your deployment.
  "kafka_path": "/srv/kafka/kafka_2.10-",
  "log_path": "/mnt/kafka-logs",
  "zk_path": ",,"

Kafkat searches for this file in two places, ~/.kafkatcfg and /etc/kafkatcfg.

  • At any time, you can run kafkat to get a list of available commands and their arguments.
$ kafkat
kafkat 0.0.10: Simplified command-line administration for Kafka brokers
usage: kafkat [command] [options]

Here's a list of supported commands:

  brokers                                                             Print available brokers from Zookeeper.
  clean-indexes                                                       Delete untruncated Kafka log indexes from the filesystem.
  controller                                                          Print the current controller.
  elect-leaders [topic]                                               Begin election of the preferred leaders.
  partitions [topic]                                                  Print partitions by topic.
  partitions [topic] --under-replicated                               Print partitions by topic (only under-replicated).
  partitions [topic] --unavailable                                    Print partitions by topic (only unavailable).
  reassign [topic] [--brokers <ids>] [--replicas <n>]                 Begin reassignment of partitions.
  resign-rewrite <broker id>                                          Forcibly rewrite leaderships to exclude a broker.
  resign-rewrite <broker id> --force                                  Same as above but proceed if there are no available ISRs.
  set-replication-factor [topic] [--newrf <n>] [--brokers id[,id]]    Set the replication factor of
  shutdown <broker id>                                                Gracefully remove leaderships from a broker (requires JMX).
  topics                                                              Print all topics.
  drain <broker id> [--topic <t>] [--brokers <ids>]                   Reassign partitions from a specific broker to other brokers.

Important Note

The gem needs read/write access to the Kafka log directory for some operations (clean indexes).