# JRubyFX-FxmlLoader

JRubyFX-FxmlLoader is the JIT-enabled FXML parser for the JRubyFX project based on the official OpenJDK 8 FXML parser. FxmlLoader strives to be a nearly drop-in replacement FxmlLoader, only differing in JRuby compatibility.

At this point, most code is directly copied from OpenJDK and converted to ruby via regexes and as such is far from idiomatic ruby. The JIT compiler is also a work in progress.

If you would like to help clean up the code please do but be careful about breaking FXML. Any 100% standard Java FXML document should work identically when run as a JRuby FXML document and vice-versa with the exception of JRuby support (like ruby classes & controllers).

Use with JRubyFX!

rake gem to build. Note that half of this project is java and must be compiled.