JRuby-OpenSSL is an add-on gem for JRuby that emulates the Ruby OpenSSL native library.

Under the hood uses the Bouncy Castle Crypto APIs.

Please report bugs and incompatibilities (preferably with test-cases) to either the JRuby mailing list or the bug tracker.


Since version 0.9.5 jruby-openssl aims to be compatible with all JRuby versions >= 1.6.8 (including 1.7 and 9k), if it's not we consider that a bug, report.

We currently (for 0.9.x) require the Bouncy Castle Java API to be >= 1.47, for JRuby-OpenSSL gem <= 0.9.6 you also need to make sure BC jars <= 1.50 !


Build Status

rake jar:all # creates pom.xml and generates jopenssl.jar under lib
mvn test

will run (junit as well as ruby) tests and a some ruby tests against the default jruby version. to pick a different version and/or modes (1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.1) run

mvn test -Djruby.versions=1.7.12 -Djruby.modes=1.8

for running integration-tests the gem will be first installed and then the same tests run for each possible bouncy-castle version (see listing), run with

mvn verify -P test-1.6.8,test-1.7.13

or pick a bouncy-castle version

mvn verify -P test-1.6.8 -Dbc.versions=1.50

or simply be more picky

mvn verify -P test-1.7.4 -Dbc.versions=1.49 -Djruby.modes=1.9

NOTE: you can pick any jruby version which is on central or on ci.jruby


(c) 2009-2015 JRuby distributed under EPL 1.0/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1