Getting Started

jiraSOAP should run on Ruby 1.9.2+ and MacRuby 0.8+. It is available through rubygems or you can build from source:

# Using rubygems
gem install jiraSOAP

# Building from source
git clone git://
rake install

Once installed, you can run a quick demo (making appropriate substitutions):

require 'jiraSOAP'

The first thing that you need to do is create a JIRAService object:

db = ''

Then you need to log in (a failed login will raise an exception):

db. 'mrada', 'secret'

Once you are logged in, you can start querying the server for information:

issues = db.issues_from_jql_search 'reporter = currentUser()', 100
 issues.each { |issue|
   #do something...
   puts issue.summary

Don't forget to log out when you are done:


See Examples for more examples.

To find out what APIs are available, check out the JIRA::RemoteAPI module, as well as the JIRA::RemoteAPIAdditions module for conveniences that jiraSOAP has added.

Some of the odder behaviours of the JIRA SOAP API are not documented here, though an answer might be available from the JIRA FAQ.