Portfolio Page for Github Pages

The goal of this project is to make it easy for people who want to host their portfolio to actually do so without having to jump through a ton of hoops or pay any money. I originally made this for my own portfolio after realizing that all the existing portfolio themes were expensive or required extensive customization.

This project is a Jekyll theme, which means that it can be used to set up a free website on Github Pages.

It is possible to use this theme without understanding anything about building websites. It works by using a configuration file to store all of your projects, which it then displays (including logos, descriptions, and a variety of links). This way when you want to add a new project all you have to do is add a few lines to a configuration and it will appear.

It is also possible to go beyond that and customize the project right down to the CSS. This theme is made with Bootstrap 4 and SCSS.


This project was forked off of the excellent Boostrap 4 Github Pages project.

  • A full Bootstrap 4 theme usable both on Github Pages and with a standalone Jekyll.
  • Recompiles Bootstrap from SCSS files, which allows to customize Bootstrap's variables and use Bootstrap themes.
  • Full support of Bootstrap's JavaScript plugins.
  • Supports all features of Github Pages and Jekyll.