Gem Version Continuous Integration

The new Jekyll command for importing from various blogs to Jekyll format.

Note: migrators are now called importers and are only available if one installs the jekyll-import gem.

How jekyll-import works:

Jekyll v2.x and higher

  1. Install the rubygem with gem install jekyll-import.
  2. Run jekyll import IMPORTER [options]

Jekyll v1.x

Launch IRB:

# 1. Require jekyll-import
irb> require 'jekyll-import'
# 2. Choose the importer you'd like to use.
irb> importer_class = "Behance" # an example, there are many others!
# 3. Run it!
irb> JekyllImport::Importers.const_get(importer_class).run(options_hash)


jekyll-import has its own documentation site, found at Dedicated documentation for each migrator is available there.