Jekyll Email Protect Gem Version

Email protection liquid filter for Jekyll

Jekyll Email Protect is an email protection liquid filter which can be used to obfuscate mailto: links to protect an email address from span bots.


This plugin is available as a RubyGem.

Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'jekyll-email-protect'

And then execute the bundle command to install the gem.

Alternatively, you can also manually install the gem using the following command:

$ gem install jekyll-email-protect

After the plugin has been installed successfully, add the following lines to your _config.yml in order to tell Jekyll to use the plugin:

- jekyll-email-protect

Getting Started

In your markup, simply use the encode_email liquid filter made available through this plugin:

{{ '[email protected]' | encode_email }}

The above code will yield %65%78%61%6D%70%6C%[email protected]%65%78%61%6D%70%6C%65.%63%6F%6D. Only use this filter within the href attribute of a given link.

You can also HTML-encode an email address with this plugin:

{{ '[email protected]' | html_encode_email }}


The following example shows how this plugin can be used to protect the site's email address:

<a href="mailto:{{ | encode_email }}">{{ | html_encode_email }}</a>


Fork this repository, make your changes and then issue a pull request. If you find bugs or have new ideas that you do not want to implement yourself, file a bug report.


Copyright (c) 2015 Vincent Wochnik.

License: MIT