This gem abstracts away the require statements for loading the Progress DataDirect OpenEdge JDBC client drivers. It's useful for supporting multiple versions of OpenEdge that have differing .jar file loading requirements.

Unfortunately, the drivers themselves cannot be stored in this gem as they are proprietary. They can typically be found in an OpenEdge installation directory under $DLC/java.


Add the necessary .jar files to your Java $CLASSPATH, and then use

require 'jdbc/openedge'

to make the driver accessible to JDBC code running in JRuby.

OpenEdge Versions Supported

The following OE versions are currently supported:

OE Version .jar files required in $CLASSPATH
  • openedge.jar
  • pool.jar1
  • base.jar
  • openedge.jar
  • util.jar

1 The released 10.2B gem requires pool.jar, even though technically it shouldn't be required to load the DataDirect JDBC driver. This was a mistake on my part, which cannot be undone for the 10.2B gem version as RubyGems gem versions are permanent. A simple workaround if you don't have pool.jar would be to just use a blank file, e.g. cd <somewhere in $CLASSPATH>; touch pool.jar.

Support for other versions can be done on an as-needed basis, if anyone else besides me ever uses this gem (pull requests accepted).