Develop React components for Opal Ruby along with very easy to use and advanced React-Redux Components.

Community and Support

At the Isomorfeus Framework Project

Versioning and Compatibility

isomorfeus-react version follows the React version which features and API it implements.


Isomorfeus-react 16.13.x implements features and the API of React 16.13 and should be used with React 16.13


Because isomorfeus-react follows closely the React principles/implementation/API and Documentation, most things of the official React documentation apply, but in the Ruby way, see:

Component Types:

Which component to use?

  • Usually LucidApp and LucidComponent along with some imported javascript components.
  • For MaterialUI LucidMaterial::App and LucidMaterial::Component along with some imported javascript components.

Specific to Class, Lucid and LucidMaterial Components:

For all Components:

Special React Features:

Other Features:

Development Tools

The React Developer Tools allow for analyzing, debugging and profiling components. A very helpful toolset and working very nice with isomorfeus-react:

Specs and Benchmarks

  • clone repo
  • bundle install
  • rake